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Eclipse 2017 Cross-Country Temperature and Humidity Data

Solar eclipse image
Photo credit: NASA/Hinode/XRT

The graphs below show data collected from the various sites in a 24-hour period around the time of the eclipse. For most sites, this is a subset of the multi-day data available. Full data can be downloaded for each site at the links below.

For those downloading data for further or different analysis, please note the following:

Participating Locations

Graphs and Downloads

Click the city name to download the full data set in CSV format, with columns described above. The graphs show available data in a 24-hour period around the eclipse. Some sites have additional data in the raw data files as also described above.
Seattle, WA Seattle temperature Seattle humidity
Boise, ID Boise temperature Boise humidity
Ft. Collins, CO Ft. Collins temperature Ft. Collins humidity
Lincoln, NE Lincoln temperature Lincoln humidity
Columbia, MO Columbia temperature Columbia humidity
Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga temperature Chattanooga humidity
Washington, DC Washington, DC temperature Washington, DC humidity
Pineville, SC Pineville temperature Pineville humidity


Thank you to everyone who participated in the experiment as a site host or in preparation of the units. In addition to several who chose to remain anonymous, the group includes (in alphabetical order):

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